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Your Trusted Canada Immigration Services in Khanna, Punjab

We, at APJ Immigration, believe in customized, personal strategies for each client, understanding that no two journeys are the same. Our experienced team of immigration consultants in Punjab offer round-the-clock support, guiding you every step of the way, from understanding the complex procedures, filling in applications, preparing for interviews, to ensuring a successful landing in Canada. Our deep understanding of the Canadian immigration system, coupled with a steadfast commitment to client satisfaction, places us at the forefront of this sector.

Furthermore, we offer services in both English and Punjabi, helping to bridge the language gap for our clients. Whether you’re an aspiring student, a talented professional, an entrepreneur with a vision, or a family member hoping to reunite with loved ones, APJ Immigration stands ready to make your Canadian dreams a reality. Trust us to be your dependable partner in your pursuit of the Canadian dream, because we don’t just promise results, we deliver.


APJ Immigration (Punjab Office)

Address: 1st Floor, Rest House Market, SCO 9A
Khanna, Punjab 141401 India
Student VISA Services in Punjab – Stepping Stone to your Global Education Dream
APJ Immigration, a respected Canada immigration agency in Punjab, guides you through the complex process of obtaining a Student VISA. Our experts ensure your application stands out.
Nature of Services:
  • Providing you with the most recent immigration policies.
  • Assistance with the VISA application process, preparing your SOP.
  • Guidance on choosing the right education institution in Canada.
What We Do:
  • Complete application handling.
  • Continuous follow-up with immigration authorities.
  • Facilitate pre-departure counseling.
  • Post landing help since we are based in Canada.
Visitor Visa/Super Visa from Punjab – Embrace the Canadian Experience
APJ Immigration assists you in securing a Visitor Visa or Super Visa, enabling you to explore the myriad wonders of Canada or spend quality time with your loved ones residing there.
Nature of Services:
  • Guidance on the application process for Visitor Visa and Super Visa.
  • Assistance in meeting the eligibility requirements.
  • Help in arranging necessary documentation.
What We Do:
  • Evaluate your eligibility for Visitor Visa or Super Visa.
  • Manage and submit your application.
  • Continuous follow-up with immigration authorities.
Express Entry from Punjab – Your Fast-Track Route to Canada

Our Canada immigration consultants in Punjab specialize in assisting with Express Entry, Canada’s streamlined immigration pathway. We’ll help optimize your profile for swift approval.

Nature of Services:
  • Advice on the Comprehensive Ranking System
  • Assistance with application submission.
  • Regular updates on Express Entry draws.
What We Do:
  • Profile creation and management.
  • Ensuring compliance with application guidelines.
  • Guidance on improving your CRS score.
  • Submitting the complete PR application after ITA
  • Applying for various PNP programs
Spousal Sponsorship in Punjab – Uniting Families Across Borders
As a leading Canada immigration company in Punjab, we believe in bringing families together. Our Spousal Sponsorship service ensures your loved ones join you in Canada at the earliest.
Nature of Services:
  • Assistance with the spousal sponsorship application process.
  • Guidance on the documentation required.
  • Regular updates on application status.
What We Do:
  • Complete application handling.
  • Continuous updates and follow-up with immigration authorities.
  • Preparation for the interview (if applicable)
LMIA in Punjab – Facilitating your Canadian Employment Journey
APJ Immigration offers comprehensive support for obtaining an LMIA, a critical step in your Canadian employment pursuit.
Nature of Services:
  • Expert advice on LMIA requirements.
  • Assistance with job offer validation.
  • Guidance on application process.
What We Do:
  • Assisting in obtaining a valid job offer.
  • Complete application handling.
  • Continuous follow-up with Service Canada.
Startup/Business VISA – Igniting your Entrepreneurial Dreams in Canada
We help budding entrepreneurs and business owners migrate to Canada with our expert Startup/Business VISA services.
Nature of Services:
  • Guidance on choosing a suitable business.
  • Assistance with the visa application process.
  • Help with gathering necessary documentation.
What We Do:
  • Complete application handling.
  • Facilitating the investor presentation process.
Provincial Nominee Programs – Diverse Paths Leading to your Canadian Dream
We, at APJ Immigration, specialize in various Provincial Nominee Programs, offering you more avenues to reach Canada.
Nature of Services:
  • Guidance on choosing the appropriate PNP.
  • Assistance with the application process.
  • Regular updates on application status.
What We Do:
  • Evaluation of eligibility for different PNPs.
  • Complete application handling.
  • Continuous follow-up with provincial immigration authorities
Canada Work Permit Services in Punjab – Empowering Your Career Journey

Embark on your professional journey with APJ Immigration, a leading provider of services for acquiring a Canada work permit from Punjab.

Nature of Services:
  • Tailored Consultation: Providing professional guidance to identify the right work permit type for your unique circumstances.
  • Documentation Assistance: Helping in preparing and submitting all the necessary paperwork accurately.
  • Application Management: Ensuring your application meets all requirements and is processed effectively.
What We Do:
  • Work Permit Selection: We guide you in choosing the right work permit based on your job offer and qualifications.
  • Application Process Management: From filling forms to meeting deadlines, we manage all aspects of your application.
  • Continuous Support: We provide updates on your application status and offer dedicated support throughout your journey.

Adaptable For Every Need

Our Process

Immigration Process Eligiblity Checking - APJ Immigration
Eligibility Checking
Get proper assistance on eligibility guidelines to ensure you don’t get stuck in processing for days and get the best outcome.
Immigration Process Expert Advice - APJ Immigration
Expert Advice
We have the most accomplished and trusted immigration experts. Who are always ready to help you get a 100% Hassle-free experience with zero errors in the application.
Immigration Process File Processing - APJ Immigration
File Processing
We submit all the documents & process them accordingly for quick approval. Our team is always available for you to assure accurate file processing.
Immigration Process Followup - APJ Immigration
Follow Up
We pursue documents with the most secure online application portal IRCC for effective and quick clearance of your Application.

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Trust The Experts at APJ Immigration

Choosing APJ Immigration, the trusted Canada immigration services in Punjab, is your first step towards a successful journey to Canada. Our personalized approach, meticulous attention to detail, and a relentless commitment to our clients set us apart. So, for those of you in Punjab and Khanna, dreaming of a vibrant future in Canada, there’s no better partner in this endeavor than APJ Immigration.

Our client testimonials speak volumes of our credibility and dedication in providing an exemplary range of services. As a reliable Canada immigration agency in Punjab, we assure you of integrity, transparency, and confidentiality in all our interactions. We understand that every immigration journey is unique, and our consultants, trained in the latest immigration laws and policies, ensure a customized strategy suited to your individual needs. Choose APJ Immigration – the partner you can trust for your journey to Canada. Together, let’s make your Canadian dreams come true!


frequently asked questions

How can I get a Canada visa fast from Punjab?

With APJ Immigration services, optimize your visa application for speed. Our thorough and efficient process ensures swift handling of your application, significantly reducing wait times.

What is the cost of immigration to Canada from Punjab?

The cost varies depending on the immigration program. For an accurate estimate, consult with APJ Immigration services.

What is the cheapest way to immigrate to Canada from Punjab?

The Express Entry program, particularly the Federal Skilled Worker stream, tends to be the most cost-effective pathway for immigration, given its lower application fees and shorter processing time.

What is the maximum age to immigrate to Canada from Punjab?

While there’s no set age limit for Canadian immigration, applicants between 21-29 receive maximum points for age in the Express Entry system. Nevertheless, other factors like skills and experience can influence your eligibility.

Why should you hire a consultant for Canada Immigration in Punjab?

A seasoned immigration consultant like APJ Immigration simplifies the complex process, helping avoid errors, and increasing the chance of approval. They stay updated with laws and policies, ensuring a smooth immigration journey.